Servicing in Cranbrook/ Broadclyst

12K Servicing - Standard Estimated Price is £200 inc. VAT

Our FULL service is the most comprehensive on the market. Designed as an ANNUAL service for all vehicles particularly those doing average miles or more and includes:
Quality Servicing in Cranbrook/ Broadclyst

  • All items in INTERIM Service plus
  • Check all brakes front and rear including remove rear brake drums to inspect shoes and cylinders
  • Check handbrake for operation and travel, adjust if necessary
  • Replace air filter if necessary
  • Check and top up gearbox and diff oils- check/report on leaks
  • Replace fuel filter (diesels only)
  • Replace 4 spark plugs **
  • Check all wheel bearings for noise, roughness or excessive free play
  • Check engine and gearbox mounts
  • Check steering and suspension bushes and ball-joints
  • Check sub-frame mounts and bearings
  • Check road springs for damage and shock absorbers for leaks, efficiency
  • Lubricate door locks, throttle cables bonnet release cable and catch
  • Check cooling fan for operation
  • Check condition of air conditioning pollen filter - replace if needed (optional at extra cost)
  • *For vehicles above 1800cc add £20
  • **Extra charges apply if your vehicle requires more than 4 spark plugs, if Platinum or Iridium plugs are specified or if spark plug change is not a standard service procedure
  •  Prices may vary slightly for all services due to     prices on parts for different makes of vehicles
  • Diagnostic
  • During a "diagnostic " the full extent of the customer's problem is explored, measured, evaluated, and communicated. The diagnostic goal is to raise customers' awareness and understanding of the problems they are experiencing and then make connections to the solution.
  • Having the right tools gives us the advantage and ability to get to the route of the problems you may be having. We would not recommend a diagnostic if we did not feel it is the quickest way to diagnose the issue. 
  • A Diagnostic scan is included with every 12K service.
  •  ​Otherwise is £35.00 + VAT.

6K Service - Standard Estimated Price is £130 inc. VAT

 Our INTERIM (formerly known as 6,000 miles service) is designed for cars doing modest mileages but which still require annual servicing and includes:

Quality Services in exeter


  • All items in MINOR Service plus
  • Check condition of all PAS and auxiliary belts (not cambelts)
  • Check lights and horn
  • Drain old engine oil and refill with new (special oils may incur a supplementary charge)
  • Change engine oil filter
  • Check anti-freeze for condition and protection
  • Inspect front brakes for wear or damage and report
  • Check steering and CV gaiters for damage and report
  • Test drive and report
  • Stamp customers service book
  • Reset service light (most models)
  • Includes environmental disposal, sump washer and the cost of all under bonnet top-up fluids and oils
  • * Vehicles requiring more than 4 litres of engine oil wil incur a supplementary charge. ALSO a £12 supplement will be charged where fully synthetic oil is specified by the vehicle manufacturer.


Minor Service - Standard Estimated Price is £85 inc. VAT

 This level of service is specially designed for vehicles covering very low milages and also for people who are too busy to carry out those all-important periodic checks we all know we really ought to do but never get round to. Quality Servicing in Cranbrook/ Broadclyst


  • Generally inspect under vehicle
  • Inspect tyres & set pressures
  • Check condition of wiper blades
  • Test windscreen washers/adjust & top up
  • Visually inspect cooling system for leaks - top up if necessary
  • Check engine oil - top up if necessary
  • Check brake fluid - top up if necessary
  • Check battery - top up if necessary
  • Check power steering fluid - top up if necessary
  • Includes environmental disposal and the cost of all top-up fluids and oils EXCEPT when more than 500mls of engine oil is required, which will be subject to an extra charge​​