Offering Remapping, diagnostics & Custom performance in your



During the "diagnostics " process, the full extent of the vehicles problem is explored, measured, evaluated, and communicated. The diagnostic goal is to raise customers' awareness and understanding of the problems they are experiencing and then make connections to the solution.

Having the right tools gives us the advantage and ability to get to the route of the problems you may be having. We would not recommend a diagnostic if we did not feel it is the quickest way to diagnose the issue. 

A Diagnostic scan is included with every 12K Service. ​

Scan, Interpretation and half hour investigations is £35.00 + VAT 

Just a code read and reset is £20 + VAT

Custom Performance


 We specialise in a range of custom performance in exter from exhaust systems to induction kits. You can discuss each of our product areas by talking with our specialist mechanic whose passion is custom performance and will always make time to discuss what the best option would be for you and your precious motor.​ 



 We like to offer the best when it comes to remapping . We can improve the efficiency of the engine and can really offer your vehicle excellent increased power output, torque and fuel economy.